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Management Consulting

Unnati Consulting management team consists of professional managers who have led organizations...More

Training, Facilitation & Coaching

Good leaders are made not born. Leadership Development at all levels of the organisation is the need of the hour....More

Life Coaching

Having more than four decades of experience and training over more than million individuals,Mr. Shyam Taneja is a world...More

Motivational Talk/Keynote Address

Success through Time Management, Potential Unlimited, Success Mantras, Being a Fulfilled Person...More

Leadership Solution

With innovative and transformational practicalities of leadership, we will add liveliness to your inner efficiency level. A well established, well proven and time-tested therapy helps you as well as your organization to reach the highest excellence level. Our workshop will help you profoundly in integrating your thoughts, words and actions to develop leadership quality.

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Business Execution Solution

With a conscious mindset to streamline the corporate strategy execution, Mr. Shyam Taneja dynamically combines the need of hours with the actual resources and takes all opportunity to exploit strategy at its best. His wisdom of ice-breaking technique and dynamism makes it possible for all the stake holders of the company to understand the real implementation strategies.

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Business Communication Solution

Communication is not what others speak and what you understand. It is something which others don't speak, still you understand. Our Business Communication Solution focuses on understanding ability and comprehensive ability of the decision makers. Persuasive communication is necessary for growth of individual, organization and society at large.

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